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Questions on Global Dining Etiquette
(Based upon a quiz in our new book
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Soy Sauce - 5,000 years and counting!

Soy sauce is made from the soy bean, which is one of China's five sacred grains. These have been quoted as: rice, wheat, barley, millet and soy beans. Experienced cooks and soy sauce connoisseurs can discern the quality of a soy sauce by the odor, color, salt content, and taste. There are many varieties, some with different additives, and all with their individual flavors.

TRUE or FALSE? When you eat sushi, keep the fish side up, and dip the rice side into your soy sauce (or soy sauce and wasabi mixture).

ANSWER: FALSE! If you dip the rice side in, you may leave some soaked rice in the bowl, which can look crude. Turn the sushi over, and dip the fish side into the soy sauce.

Do you eat your sushi with your fingers, or with chopsticks? And do you eat it all in one bite?


  1. Sushi is best eaten with chopsticks, of course! Is there a prize for the correct response?

    Another related question: What is the purpose of the ginger on the plate of sushi - is it just decoration?

  2. For being the first to comment on our blog, I've sent you an autographed copy of our new book!

    I love ginger, so it could just be a delicious condiment as far as I'm concerned...but are you hinting that it is supposed to clean the palate?

  3. Thanks!

    And you are absolutely correct - ginger will wipe the palate clean to get set up for the next bite of sushi.. very useful if you're switching from a spicy tuna roll over to a lobster roll