Libraries and Art in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

There is not a great deal of intercultural communications data to be found in this post.  That's because it's about two interests that I enjoy supporting in my spare time: Art and Libraries. I started volunteering to book the art shows and write the publicity for my local library in Newtown Square, Pa. last year.  Right now we have a wonderful show by the very popular artist, Nick Santoleri (  Here's an example of his work:

"Peaceful Afternoon" by Nick Santoleri

But this blog is really about an exceptional show by the Marple Newtown High School Advanced Placement Artists which the Newtown Square Public Library will host throughout June.  I wrote 1,400 words about it for a local publication because I enjoy entwining things that I love together, and this show is my hat trick: Art, Schools, and Libraries!  I wish all graduating students great success in their future endeavors - and I hope all the arts, schools, & libraries flourish in your town!

"Victoria" (with floating bowl) by Sean Toth 


"Laurel" by Sean Toth


Johnny Folliard & a selection of his Glass and Clay Art



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